Binge eating – men at risk too

According to, this means that three women for every two men have binge eating disorders.

There are several reasons why men develop binge eating disorders. One cause is if at some point in their lives they have played or played sports that have made them thin or lose a lot of weight for a particular competition, such as: B. a wrestling match or a run. Footballers and bodybuilders are still at risk, but it’s lower because these sports need some meat and muscle to be successful. Another reason is that the chosen profession requires thin velvet maths like modeling and acting. Men feel the pressure, just like women, to maintain a level of thinness when they are in public and when they are in sight.

Binge-eating disorder

A man is more at risk of developing binge eating disorder at an older age than a woman does, especially if the man had a tendency to be overweight in a child. Because a man who grows up believes that he must be strong and not only protect himself, but also a female. If he is thin, it means fragile and he will see himself as not powerful and unable to get the things he wants in life because he is considered weak.

Eating Disorders

The treatment of men is the same as that of women; though, men are more reluctant to visit a professional because eating disorders are considered female difficulties. The professional will go into detail to find out why the man consoles himself with food. Once the reason why Binges comes to the surface, the professional can give him ideas on how to change his behavior. As soon as this happens and as soon as the man feels comfortable with the professional, the path to recovery begins.

Obviously, binge eating disorder is not just a female disorder, as many men are also affected. Regardless of whether you are male or female, it is important to admit that your food relationship is not healthy and to seek help on how to make it healthy again.


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