Do you suffer from dinner syndrome?

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In this article, we discussed night-eating syndrome. People who suffer from this disorder are unaware of such eating episodes. The foods that are consumed during the disturbance periods are most likely to be high-sugar, high-fat foods.

Night Sound Syndrome, also known as Night Sound, can affect people of all ages and genders; however, it affects young women more than men. People who suffer from this sleep-related eating disorder have had recurring eating episodes during sleep without knowing that they are actually doing it. It is medically called a parasomnia.

People who suffer from this disorder are unaware of such episodes. The foods that are consumed during periods of disturbance are most likely to be high-fat, high-sugar foods that people usually avoid when they are awake. This eating disorder could happen most of the time that it would show significant increases in your weight.

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Midnight binge and nighttime eating disorder are all variations of this syndrome. Many overweight eaters reported that they believed that their tendency to eat at night preceded their weight gain. People with this disorder usually wake up to about 300 calories worth of food between one and four times a night and snack. They are sleepless or frustrated because they cannot control their desires. They are usually aware of their eating habits. In contrast, people with other types of dinners problem will snack on foot during sleep and are often unaware of their behavior. About 1.5% of the population has night eating syndrome, but the condition has been found in up to 15% of people who are obese. In non-obese dinners, this syndrome leads to weight gain and obesity after a while.

Americans have this bad habit of midnight binge. They suddenly wake up at night, venture straight into the kitchen, open the refrigerator and start eating what’s inside – bread, cake, fruit, cold drinks, soda, chicken, turkey, chips. After this midnight rush they fell asleep again. After a while they march back into the kitchen and repeat the meal.


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