What is binge eating disorder?

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Binge eating disorder is a disorder in which people use food to satisfy a variety of emotions to cope with. People can suffocate if they experience …

… negative emotions like anger, sadness or depression. Another reason why a person can get bored by cutting. People have used food as a survival mechanism for so long that it is now common to turn around and use food to feel better. People no longer know how to deal with their “life” without food. Check out https://burniva.com/slimming-pills/.

When a person suffocates, they usually experience some of the following, if not all: eating a large amount of food, feeling a loss of control when eating, eating faster than the average person consuming, eating large amounts of food, too If they don’t feel hungry, they feel better eating alone because the amount of food is often large, and feelings of guilt, disgust, and even embarrassment after a binge.

The cause of binge eating disorder is unknown. Depression and other emotional problems are common among compulsive eaters. Many researchers believe that there is a link between diets and compulsive eaters. When people eat, they deprive themselves of certain foods they want more. If they give in, they tend to overeat and will most likely be drunk. Then the negative feelings begin and they promise that they will not eat badly anymore. This usually results in the cycle starting again and this is known as a yo-yo diet.

Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

There are many episodes of binge eating. Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are just a few of the complications that can arise when people dock. Many people can get sick from binge eating because the foods they choose are not full of vitamins and nutrients. Food is full of sugar and fat, which is obviously very unhealthy.

People usually meet with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. The doctor will ask questions about the person’s past to find out when they started comforting themselves with food. They will get to the root of the problem and why it starts and give you advice on how the person should deal with these feelings when they happen. If this doesn’t work, some medications can be added to treat binging.

The habit of turning to food is the main starting point. If you change all of your old habits, come one foot closer to stop eating and continue with your life.


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